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New acquisitions and new projects with artist Manuel Perez

We are proud to announce that we have purchased some artwork from Manuel Perez, a Cuban-born Miami-resident Visual Artist. His work drips with influences from classical techniques and visions, reverberating from the old Etruscan and Roman earthenware works through religious experiences, further aged by artists from Spain and ultimately varnished with Cuban exhuberance and Miami sun.

While in the process of acquiring specimens of his art, Manuel and his personal manager agreed in principle to partner with Classical Roman Arts Foundation in a high-visibility high social-impact project involving a very public piece of art. CRAF's Board approved the project in principle and has agreed to help finance it and undertake the initial project preparation and organization.

While we are not disclosing particulars yet, we invite you to look at his resume (bellow) and visit his social media sites. We hope to have more news shortly.



Siamo orgogliosi di annunciare che abbiamo acquistato alcune opere d'arte da Manuel Perez, un artista cubano residente a Miami. Il suo lavoro è influenzato da tecniche e visioni classiche e riverbera antiche opere di terracotta etrusca e romana usate in pratiche religiose, in seguito portate avanti da artisti spagnoli e infine verniciate con l'esuberanza cubana e il sole di Miami.

Durante il processo di acquisizione di esemplari della sua arte, Manuel e il suo manager personale hanno concordato in linea di principio di collaborare con Classical Roman Arts Foundation in un progetto di alta visibilità e alto impatto sociale che coinvolge un'opera d'arte pubblica. Il consiglio di amministrazione del CRAF ha approvato il progetto in linea di principio e ha acconsentito a finanziarlo e ad intraprendere la preparazione e l'organizzazione iniziale del progetto.

Anche se non stiamo ancora rivelando particolari, ti invitiamo a guardare il suo curriculum e visitare i suoi social media. Speriamo di avere altre notizie a breve.



My name is Manuel Perez I was born and raised in Vueltas, a small village in the center of Cuba. The tranquility of the village’s life became part of me and my inspiration. At the age of 17 I moved to La Habana City to study theology, philosophy and art in the University of Havana introducing me to classical arts. After my graduation I immigrated to the United States, settling in Miami I drew my inspiration from my life journey. Starting with my roots in Cuban village, classical art training, my home city of Miami ethnic and cultural mix and people’s stories.

Exhibition Shows:

2017 – Red Dot

2018 – Miami Dade College: Different for Good – Solo Exhibition

2018 – Bank of America Coral Gables

2019 – The agravielo Miami, Curi Collection by Hilton

2020 – Private Exhibition

Current Projects: Currently working with clay and porcelain. My work is centered on human figures as well as sculptures in tile. I also work with kiln at high and low temperatures.

Social Media Handles:

*Instagram – @manuelperezart

*Facebook – Manuel Perez

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