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2023 CEA Sketchbook Contest

On December 12th, 2023, an event was organized by the Classical Roman Arts Foundation through partnering up with the CEA Center in Rome to evaluate and celebrate students' sketches from the Rome Sketchbook Course. The contest consisted of an exhibit of all the artworks and two judges who selected the top three sketches. Of the many great entries, the jury -composed of a CEA professor and a CRAF director - needed help to award the prizes.


The Winners

Hand-selected by judges, these three sketches presented below were recognized for their creativity and technique and awarded a gift card.


1st Place: Hailey Studer, View of the Baths of Caracalla (Left)

2nd Place: Ryan Janzen, Depiction of Christ (Top Right)

3rd Place: Courtney Harras, View from the Gianiculum Hill (Bottom Right)

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