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The film was directed by Radha Jorthy and features an ensemble cast, including Zane Holtz, Douglas Smith, Nastassja Kinski, Arjun Gupta, Michael Rooker, and Michael Madsen. The story centers on Ray Sullivan, an adolescent boy who is sent to a psychiatric hospital after being found with scratches on his face that leads a hospital doctor to believe he may have experienced a'mirror-touch'. After being denied visitation rights by his sister, Ray decides to escape and return to his real mother, who happens to be an ex-mental patient. Mirrors 2 was shot in New Orleans and Los Angeles. It premiered on the movie channel's Movie 2K Saturday night and was released on DVD on August 5, 2010, after which it was released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. Synopsis When Ray Sullivan is taken from his foster home for assault, he is placed in a psychiatric institution. His sister, Gina, who has become obsessed with her identity as a "lost" vampire, convinces Ray to escape and take him home. Ray is initially hesitant to escape; he recalls that the last time he had left his foster home, the children took turns torturing him before locking him in a closet. Ray and his sister drive to his mother's house, where Gina locks the doors and pretends that Ray is not there. She reveals that she is a vampire, and that she and Ray are connected by a "mirror-touch" similar to telekinesis, a trait shared by both Ray's mother and Ray's grandfather. Gina then begins to kill her brother's foster parents. Ray returns to his mother's house and confronts Gina, who has a mirror in her hand that appears to be the same one she used to torture him. Ray grabs the mirror, but Gina knocks him out. Ray wakes up and realizes that he has been drugged. He takes Gina to a local bar, where they are both nearly arrested and then attacked by a man that Ray recognizes as the mob boss who was found with scratches on his face in the film's first film. Gina saves Ray by stabbing the man and leaving Ray and the man to die. Ray goes to Gina's house to convince her to allow him to go home with her and demands that Gina share with him the secret of her identity. Gina threatens Ray's life if he does not leave. After Gina leaves, Ray takes her mirror and goes to his mother's house. In




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